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Burning Man Zero Seven was a field event amateur radio station located at the corner of 7:00 and Kelp Forest, Black Rock City, in the Black Rock Desert of northern Nevada.

Black Rock City is the world's largest temporary city built in one of the most remote deserts of the U.S.

(city is approx. 1 miles across)         Google Earth '06     

It is the site of the annual Burning Man Arts Festival that has been held in the Black Rock Desert since 1990.

(1st Burning Man in Black Rock Desert)     Stewart Harvey '90  

This extraordinary event is possible through a permit granted by the Bureau of Land Management and must be renewed each year. Following the event every year, the desert playa where the event takes place must be inspected by the BLM in order to renew the permit for the following year. Burning Man has done this successfully for the past 17 years because of the commandment that is at the foundation of the event...

Leave No Trace Behind.

In 2007, the unofficial attendance of 47,000 was an increase of almost 7,000 participants over 2006.

the Man Burns 2007    Chip Jarman '07


We are Burning Man. 


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